How to Design the Perfect Cargo Trailer

There's no such thing as a perfect cargo trailer, however there are ways to design a trailer that allows for a full custom experience. Depending on what your needs are, trailers can be customized to fit your needs, goals, and desires. Here are some ways you can design the "perfect" cargo trailer for you.

What type of trailer are you looking for? This should be the first consideration when building the perfect trailer. Is it an open, enclosed, landscaping, motorcycle, atv, equipment, horse, etc? Do you need a trailer for dual purposes? Keep all these things in mind when deciding what type of trailer you want to build.

Pull Type
What is the pull type you want? Bumper pull, gooseneck, 5th wheel, pintle? Are you confused by the different types? Check out our infographic on pull types.

Living Quarters
Do you need to live in the trailer temporarily or permanently? This may sound like a silly question but there are more and more people that are calling their trailers home. Whether it be an enclosed cargo trailer with bunk beds or a horse trailer with living quarters there are a lot of ways you can make a home out of your trailer.  Check out our page here for unconventional ways people have made cargo trailers.

Interior Height
Height is very important when considering customizing a trailer. Will you need to stand in it? Do you have tall equipment that needs to fit in it? Take plenty of measurements before you design your trailer. This can save you a ton of time and money. Also, don’t forget to think about storage. Will you need to park this in a garage, warehouse, etc? Be sure it can fit if needed.

Just like height, length is another important factor when building your trailer. Take plenty of measurements and think about what you’ll need to put in your trailer. You’d be surprised at how long these trailers can be made. 

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to color. Not only can these trailers be any color you want, but you can custom wrap them with logos, designs, etc of your choice. If budget isn’t a factor then literally anything can be done with color and print on your trailer.

Door Style
What kind of door do you need on your trailer? Does it go on the back, on the side, or both? Does the door need to be a ramp for loading equipment, toys, etc?

Are you in construction and have a lot of tools? If so perhaps cabinets will be necessary for your trailer. Cabinets can easily be installed and help you keep your equipment and your business organized.

And finally, power! Do you need power? Generators can be a part of your trailer. Whether it’s for your living purposes or for your business a generator can be a make or break for you.

Perhaps there’s something else you need for your trailer to be the “perfect cargo trailer”. Don’t hesitate to call one of our sales professionals to help you design and build the perfect trailer. Start your process here online and let us help you!