How to Build a Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Have you ever seen a bicycle towing a tailer, and wonder "Where did they get that?". There are ways to buy these trailers and there are also ways to build them. It is possible to build bike trailers if you have the right tools and materials. This cargo trailer is usually attached to the back of your bike and makes it easy to carry things around.

The first thing you want to do is build the main body or frame of the bicycle cargo trailer. You can create or build the body out of wood by using four pieces of wood screws. You'll need about four pieces of one foot by two feet lumber fastener screwed into a ladder type frame. Creating this body can also be possible by electric conduit pipes and bolts.

Now that you are done creating the frame, it’s time to attach wheels to the frame. To do this, you need axles created from bending electric utility box covers. You have to use two of these axles for one wheel and a more appropriate size of wheels to use is 20 inch.

For the third step on how to build a bicycle cargo trailer, you need a piece of metal from an old bicycle or an electric conduit pipe in other to create a metal cargo trailer arm. You need to fix the metal into shape and drill holes in it for proper attachment to the frames. You can now attach the already in shape trailer arm to the frame using a bolt.

The next thing to do is to drill holes on the trailer arm for attachment of the L bracket. When you attach the L bracket to match the holes drilled on the trailer arm, put a bolt and a nut to tighten it. You will need two hose clamps, a bungee or stretchable cord and a D bracket to do this. It’s time to clamp the D brackets to the frame using the hose clamps. The next thing to do is use the stretchable cord to attach the trailer to the bicycle.

The next step is to create a flat surface that would make it easy to carry stuff. You can create this surface from plywood. All you need to do is cut or get a piece of an already cut plywood and screw it to the frame. That way, items that you want to carry can be attached to the trailer using stretchable cords.

If all of this seems too overwhelming, then let us help you get an affordable and easy to use bicycle cargo trailer.  We have a great range of trailers and manufacturers that can help you get what you need at the right price point.