Living In a Cargo Trailer

Have you heard of the tiny home movement?  It's where people of all walks of life consolidate their belongings and downsize into a tiny house usually between 200-500 square feet.  You can find all kinds of examples on Google Images (type in tiny homes). 

The idea with these small homes is to significantly reduce your living costs all the while forcing yourself to spend time outside.  While this movement seems to be growing by the year, it's not for everyone.  However the ones you've tried it say they will never go back.

One genre of the the tiny home movement is converted cargo trailers.  Yes, that's right.  People are converting cargo trailers into a tiny home.  If you are thinking about taking the plunge into the tiny home movement here are some things a cargo trailer can offer.


Probably the biggest advantage of living in a converted cargo trailer is mobility.  Don't like where you are living, then hitch it up and move.  How great would it be to live at the beach in the winters and the mountains in the summer or vice versa?

Adjustable Patio

With a back door ramp you can open up your home on a sunny day and kick back on the ramp with a lawn chair and a cold drink.  Or if it's cold you can close the door and cozy up inside with a good book.


Many people don't realize it but you can put pretty much anything in a converted cargo trailer that you put in a tiny home.  For example








There you have it.  Next time you are ready to take on the world from the comfort of a cargo trailer, see us for the starting point - the trailer.

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