Must Have Accessories For Your Cargo Trailer

Just because you bought a cargo trailer doesn't mean you are ready to roll.  There are many accessories that go hand in hand with purchasing a cargo trailer.  Some make life a little easier while others are crucial to the safety and success of your hauling efforts.  Let's take a look at some of the top must have accessories for your cargo trailer.

Trailer Lights

Lights are the most important thing when it comes to safety measures for your trailer.  Most trailers will come equipped with lights, but if not you should get them installed before leaving with your trailer.  Don't rely soley on reflectors to do the job.  If your trailer has its own battery, installing a tailight converter is a great idea.  This allows your brake, turn, and running lights to pull from the trailer's battery and not your tow vehicle.  If you purchased an enclosed trailer, inside lights are very helpful to operate from inside the trailer.  This keeps you from having to use a flashlight while working from inside.


Straps are important for open cargo trailers but also for enclosed cargo trailers.  Obviously with open cargo trailers your cargo is exposed and needs to be secured as to not fly away while driving or moving side to side which could lead to tumbling out of the trailer.  When it comes to trailer straps there is a variety of options.  You can go with heavy duty chains, bungee style straps, tarp straps, tow ropes, or tow straps.  We can help you decide which one you need.  Just give us a call 1-888-461-3033

Trailer Locks

You may not realize it, but locks are essential to owning any trailer.  We could fill this page with story after story of trailer theft cases from all neighborhoods, cities, and states.  Locking up your trailer won't completely stop theft, but it goes a long way toward thwarting smash and grab type criminals.


Have an spare tire for your trailer is another crucial accesorry to be equipped with before you hit the road.  There's nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road when you are trying to get to a job site, event, or a have a deadline to meet with your cargo.

Other Accessories

Now that you have the crucial accessory elements secured, you can focus on the trailer accessories that make life a little easier.

Such items would include

Towing mirrors



Transmission coolers


Breakaway Kits

Electrical adaptors 

and more.....

Regardless of your cargo trailer accessory needs we've got you covered.  We have a staff of trailer parts professionals who have been in the business for decades.  Let us help you find the cargo trailer accessories that you need.