Features to Consider When Buying Enclosed Utility Trailers

There are some things and features you need to consider when choosing enclosed utility trailers. You need to be able to know that you are spending money on a trailer that will suit your needs.

Storage Capacity

When trying to buy or choose enclosed utility trailers for your business or personal use, the first thing to consider is the storage capacity of the utility trailer. It is one of the most important factors.  What are you going to haul?  Is it always the same thing or will you need it for other things down the road?  It's always better to buy bigger and have more space than vice versa.  It's one thing to haul cars and big equipment verses hauling atvs and motorcycles.  Much like the resell value on automobiles, trailers are the same.  Once you buy them and drive off the lot they lose some resell value.  Keep this in mind when thinking about your trailer needs.  Buying a new bigger trailer now is better than buying a smaller trailer then trading it in a year later for a larger one.


Another feature to look out for or consider when choosing enclosed utility trailers is the ramp. A good utility trailer should have a self contained ramp for the purpose of both loading and unloading.  There are self containable ramps and detachable ramps.  Either way you need a ramp on your trailer to get your heavy items up and down.  If you can afford a little extra, the self contained ramps are nice and convenient.  They save you time and energy from having to reattach each time you load and unload.  If you don't mind the extra work and want to save a few bucks then go for the detachable ramps.


These days trailers can be decked out with all sorts of goodies.  Lights, shelves, workbenches, office space, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, etc.  What are you plans for the trailer?  Deciding this before you buy can save you some time and hassle.  Not every dealer is equipped to either get you the amenities or able to customize them to your tastes.

We are proud at Trailers for Less, Inc to have a qualified staff of professionals that can both custom order a trailer from the manufacturer or we can adjust it to your needs on site, depending on what you require.

Next time you are in central Georgia, come and see us at one of our two locations Fayetteville, GA and Newnan, GA.  We'd love to help you with all your trailer needs.