What Type of Trailer Do You Need - Single or Double Axle?

You’re in the market for a cargo trailer, but are confused by the terminology and options. One common question is, should I buy a single or double axle? It’s a question we get a lot from first time cargo trailer buyers. You may run into a trailer dealer looking to sell you the most expensive option, rather than what’s best for you. Here we will discuss the differences between a single and double axle trailer and which one is best for you.

Single Axle Cargo Trailer

• Cost less
• Weigh less
• Use less fuel
• Less brakes and tires to maintain
• More flexible with maneuvering

• Can’t haul as much as double axle trailer of the same size
• Wear and tear on tires can be more intense
• May or may not have brakes

Double Axle Cargo Trailer

• Increased stability
• More tires – less impact if you have a flat
• Higher payload capacity
• Brakes required – allows you to control the trailer better
• Less likely to be affected by wind or bumps in the road
• Resell value is greater

• Cost more
• More fuel usage
• More parts (tires, brakes, etc) therefore higher maintenance costs


The bottom line on deciding between a single and double axle cargo trailer usually boils down to weight limits. If you are hauling lighter weights then a single axle is for you, however you don’t have much flexibility if your weight demands increase. A double axle cargo trailer is built for more heavy duty jobs in mind. No matter which option you decide on, be sure to know how much you are going to tow and how much your cargo trailer can carry. Many accidents have happened from an overloaded trailer. Don’t let that happen to you. If you need to need further explanation on single vs double axle trailers or their corresponding weight limits, don’t hesitate to contact us.