Why You Should Upgrade Your Brakes on Your Trailer

Trailer brakes are probably something you don't think about on a daily basis.  Luckily for you, we at Trailers for Less, Inc. love to educate our customers on equipment, parts, and service techniques that are best for them.

Electric Drum Brakes

Depending on how old your trailer is, there's a chance you are driving on older electric drum brakes.  This older technology was used for decades on automobiles as well as trailers.  The good news is, if you do have these brakes they can be converted to the newer hydraulic disc brake system.  Here's a look at what electric drum brakes are.

Electric drum brakes were first used in the early 1940s.  This technology was used until very recently.  The main problem with electric drum brakes is heat.  When electric brakes are applied a signal is sent to a magent to grab the spinning drum.  When this occur a tremendous amount of heat is generated and it cannot dissapate inside the drum.  Each time this heating occurs the brakes lose a little bit of power. 

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

With hyrdraulic disc brakes, the heating issues are greatly reduced.  When disc brakes are applied the clamping area is much larger and the heat is effeciently dispersed.  The result is a faster braking time and the brakes won't wear unevenly giving you a smoother braking experience.  Trailers are being manufactured heavier while towing automobiles are becoming lighter.  This can have a significant impact on the towing vehicle, so hydraulic brakes can eleviate a lot of this wear and tear.

Making a change from electric drum to hydraulic disc will require knowing axel size and manufacturer as well as some mechanical skills.  We have experienced service professionals that work on trailers everyday.  We can help you get your trailer brake system switched over.  Give us a call or schedule a service appointment online