Lock Up Your Cargo Trailer!

Every week it seems like we hear of stories about either stolen trailers or items being stolen out of a trailer.  Unfortunatley there are peopel in this world that think they can take items that belong to others.  No matter where you live, don't fall prey to these degenerate takers.  The best thing you can do is take some time to secure your belongings.  It doesn't matter if the trailer is in your yard or somewhere on the road.  Theives can strike any place and at any time.

Here are some recent victims of trailer theft.

Cargo Thefts Are On The Rise, Despite Drop in Vehicle Thefts

‘Bob-tail bandits’ plead guilty to federal cargo theft charges

Trailer theft severe blow to Easter Seals organization

Suspects in utility trailer break-ins sought

These are just a few of THIS WEEKS headlines!

Get the word out to everyone who owns or hauls a cargo trailer.  Saftey and security should be two primary thoughts when owning a cargo trailer. 

At Trailers For Less, Inc we have a wide array of locks, chains, and security devices to help keep your trailer secure.

Call one of our qualified professionals and let us help you outfit your trailer with a top of the line cargo trailer security solution.