Smoking BBQ With the Help of a Trailer

Can you smell that?  Try a little harder.  It's the smell of delicious hickory smoked BBQ.  From Tallahassee, FL to Nashville, TN and everywhere in between - smokers line up to present the best BBQ in the land.  If you've ever been to a BBQ competition you know how exciting it is to try all the homemade procurements from master smokers.  These smoking masters and teams spend hundreds if not thousands of hours honing their mouth watering craft. 

Ask any BBQ aficionado and they'll tell you a winning formula consists of a reliable trailer.  Whether it's to store and haul their equipment or if it's the actual smoker on wheels, a trailer is a bbq smoker's best friend.

If you are interested in competiting in local or regional BBQ competitions or if you would just like to visit one for enjoyment, here is a list of annual BBQ competitions around the South.

Southern Barbecue Network

Georgia Barbecue Association

Hog Happnin

Florida Bar B Que Association

BBQ Festival Directory

Charlotte BBQ Festival

The Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff

Killer Hogs

If you are competing in any of these, good luck!  If you are just checking them out, enjoy!  If you need a trailer to help your BBQ team, please come see us.