Types of Car Haulers

Every day cars are being transported throughout the interstates, highways, and side roads of America. The means by which the cars are transported are with a car hauler or car trailer. Car haulers have many different shapes, sizes, and uses. Here we will discuss the variety of car haulers and hopefully help you decide which one is right for you.

Open Car Haulers

Open car haulers are just that, open. They can hold one car or hold many more. Typical a standard open car hauler is a trailer made for hauling one car. They are usually 18 to 20 feet in length and made out of material such as aluminum or wood. This type of trailer can be useful for a small auto dealer that needs to transport a small quantity of cars. Or perhaps even a car buff that doesn’t mind hauling his car with exposure to the elements.

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Enclosed Car Haulers

Enclosed car haulers are made for an enclosed environment. These are generally more expensive and are designed to protect and shield cars from the open air. Classic cars or cars that have significant value are mostly transported in these types of trailers. If you’ve ever been to a classic car show you’ve more than likely seen this type of car hauler. These trailers are also around 20ft in length and have insulated walls and ceiling with the options for heating and a/c.

See what an enclosed car hauler looks like here

Commercial Car Haulers

Commercial car haulers are what you see driving down the interstate with several cars stacked on top of each other. These are made for auto manufacturers and dealers that need to transport several cars at the same time. These car haulers are open and can be 75 feet in length or longer.

Custom Car Haulers

Finally there are custom car haulers available. These car haulers are designed by the owner and can include a variety of options and sizes. Perhaps you are a classic car collector as mentioned earlier, except you need to haul two or three cars instead of one. This is where a custom design could be constructed to fit your requirements. With custom trailer construction you hold the keys to what you want. Most designs and requirements can be met to help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in a custom car hauler, click here to send us your requirements.