Potholes - The Dangerous Road Sniper

Picture this.  You are riding along the interstate just fine - listening to some nice music, maybe enjoying a good conversation when BAM! Your vehichle and trailer hit those deadly road snipers, otherwise known as potholes.  Maybe it wasn't a bad one and it just jarred your vehicle, or perhaps it was a big one and you now have a flat tire or even worse damage to your vehicle.

The spring time is especially dangerous for potholes, as the winter conditions such snow and ice along with the salt that was laid down to protect the roads caused these hazards.  Until state and city crews can get out to fix the potholes, what can you do about them?

Thanks to technology there's becoming a better way to avoid and handle these potentially disasterous obstacles. 

One such app that attempts to warn other drivers of potholes in their area is the Waze App.  Not only does it collect and report data on potholes, but it also gives you information on traffic jams, cheap gas stations, and other road information such as accidents.  The power of this app is the collective group of people that share it. 

Not only does it warn other drivers about possible problems, but it shares this information with city and county officials so they can plan accordingly with fixing the roads. 

Now, if you are in the Boston area there's an app called Street Bump that really uses technology to report potholes.  This app uses sensors in your iPhone to detect when you've hit a pothole.  It then reports it to officials and warns other drivers of the dangers.  This is a great app, because you dont have to do anything.  You just turn your iPhone on and let it do all the work.

Regardless if you use technology or not, being prepared for potential road problems is always paramount.  Make sure to have spare tires, jacks, tools, hazard lights, and safety cones available in the event that you did strike a pothole and have to pull over for repairs.

We hope you don't encounter any potholes and that your travels are always safe.