What NOT To Do When Towing a Cargo Trailer

Everyday we hear about cargo trailer accidents and mishaps around the Atlanta area as well as across the country.  We wish that all of our customers experience safe travels while towing their trailers.  Towing a trailer is a bigger responsibility than simply driving an automobile.  Here are some tips on what NOT to do when towing a trailer. 

Not Checking Vitals

Tire pressure, oil levels, brake lights, coolant levels, and hitch connections are all neccessary checks that need to be made before you tow your trailer.  Not checking these items before you head out is a recipe for disaster.


Speeding is a leading cause for cargo trailer accidents.  You have to remember when pulling a trailer you have more weight that has to be stopped, which will take more time.  Driving slower will not only give you more time to react but will allow braking to be smoother.  If you are confused on speed limits in your state, use this quick reference as a guide.


Technology is great, but it can also be a huge distraction.  Cell phones, texting while driving, and computer screens in your vehicles take your eyes off the road and is proven to be very dangerous.  Many studies have shown that texting and driving is as dangerous if not more so than drinking and driving.  If you need to use your cell phone pull over and don't take the risk. 

Not Implementing Sway Control

If you have a cargo trailer you should implement sway control.  Sway control allows you to guard against such things as wind gusts, sudden direction changes, and other unexpected factors.  If you aren't sure which sway control system is right for you trailer, visit our trailer parts page.

Over Loading Trailer

Did you know your trailer can only handle a certain amount of weight?  Not all trailers are equal.  Not knowing your trailer's weight capacity can lead to big problems.  Before you load up your trailer check with the manufacturer's guide on it's maximum weight capacity or ask one of our qualified professionals to help you.

Not Locking Up

Try Googling "Cargo Trailer News" and the first few pages of your search will show case after case of cargo trailer thefts.  Cargo trailers are easy targets for criminnals due to their open accessibility.  Locking up your trailer can help deter would be criminals from taking what is your possessions.

Overworking Your Transmission

Overheated transmissions are another common problem we hear about when it comes to towing a trailer.  The extra weight can put significant stress on your automatic transmission.  Keep it cool but using the proper transmission cooler. 

Using Regular Mirrors

Not being able to see the end of your trailer or what's behind you, can be a big hazard.  You wouldn't drive with a blindfold on, so don't try to pull a large trailer with regular mirrors.  Outfit your vehicle with towing mirrors to get the full view of your surroundings.

Incorrectly Parking

When parking on a hill, either an upgrade or downgrade you shouldn't rely on your vehicles braking system alone.  Use parking blocks behind the trailer tires on an upgrad slope or in front of the trailer tires on downgrad slope.-

Whatever you decide to tow - whether it be equipment, vehicles, supplies, tools, etc. make sure to use the proper safety procedures mentioned above to keep your vehicle and trailer working properly and safely.  If you need assistance with knowing what part is right for your vehicle give us a call at 1-888-461-3033 and let one of our trained professionals assist you.