Why a Trailer Is the Best Way to Tow a Vehicle Behind a Motorhome

It's that time of year when many folks are hitting the wide open road of America.  Whether your destination is the beach, mountain, or park you want to have the freedom of traveling with all your necessities.  One of those necessities is your vehicle, but what is the best way to carry your vehicle while traveling in a motorhome?

We believe the best way to tow a vehicle behind a motorhome or RV is a trailer. 

  • A trailer makes it possible to tow a vehicle with all four wheels totally off the ground.

  • This eliminates concerns about automatic transmission damage and odometer mileage accumulation and saves wear and tear on the body and tires of the towed vehicle. If a base plate is not available for towing four wheels down, or if you want to tow more than one vehicle that you own, a trailer might be the best option.

  • It offers backing up capability, and many trailers (and tow dollies) come equipped with brakes.

  • Disadvantages: Loading and unloading the trailer can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The coach owner might have to find a place to store the trailer upon arrival at an RV park or other destination. Also, the trailer is added weight that must be considered.

If you have an RV or Motorhome and would like to tow a vehichle behind it, let one of our qualified trailer professionals help you pick out the right trailer for you.  Not only will you need a trailer, but you'll need to have the proper accessories such as chains, hitches, lights, etc.  We are here to help you have a safe and enjoyable journey!